Stop Smoking Cessation

Stopping Smoking is possible, if you have the right tools and go about it the right way.  I have helped people stop smoking with my method which is built on suggestion therapy.  I have spent over 20 years taking people with a huge range of symptoms and problems through a unique form of therapy called Hypnoanalysis. As a result of this I have gained a great deal of insight into why people Smoke in the first place, with the suggestions that I use visualisation, positive thinking and applied psychological techniques to make stopping smoking as easy as possible for the patient.

Imagine being a NON smoker rather than an Ex smoker. NON Smokers don’t even think of smoking, they have NO NEED to Smoke, NO REASON to Smoke and above all NO DESIRE to Smoke. As far as you will be concerned smoking will be a thing of the past. Ex smokers who have stopped for a while using willpower or most of the other smoking cessation techniques out there, still think about smoking, they still would really like to smoke, they still feel stressed and agitated without a cigarette. I’ve done a day, i’ll do another day, a week, another week. Inevitably most of these people will soon go back to smoking.

I hold Stop Smoking Cessation therapy Clinics and Seminars throughout Ireland. Where I explain why people smoke in the first place, why people THINK they are addicted to smoking and why they THINK they have cravings for smoking. I also explain Hypnosis, why aversion therapy doesn’t work, why people THINK they will put on Weight after stopping smoking and how easy it is to Stop Smoking. One example of the suggestions the next time someone offers you a cigarette and you can say, ”no thank you I don’t smoke”.  You will have a feeling of Pride and pleasure, you will feel so proud of yourself,

Louis Eyres Dhp Hypnotherapist

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