Successful Hypnotherapy

With Louis Eyres (Dhp Diploma in Hypnotherapy)

Anxiety, Stress, Fears, Phobias, Worry & Tension, Depression,  Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Blushing, Lack of Confidence and many other problems of modern life. Being free of your problem is only the beginning of a new life. You need money but do you really want to be miserable for most of your waking hours?

louis_eyres_hypnosis-386x369In the late 1980s I was barely 32 when I began using hypnotic techniques I entered a training programme, (Successful Hypnotherapy), which, I must immodestly say, was light years ahead of its time, and has remained at the cutting edge throughout the years, I have been helping patients for over 3 decades to overcome the effects of unwanted behaviour patterns, patients were never really sure what to expect, and what they got is certainly not what they expected.

Hello and welcome my name is Louis Eyres and I am in private practice as a hypnotherapist and hypno-analyst I studied at the national college of hypnotherapist and psychotherapist 1990-1991 I became a certified member of the International Association of Hypno-analysis 1990/1991/1992/1993  also known as the (IAH) I was fortune enough to receive personal tuition and coaching from Neil French one of the world’s leading authorities on hypnotherapy and Hypno-analysis and it was Neil that took me through analytical therapy it give me a complete understanding of what Hypnotherapy and Hypno-analysis was all about and an insight into myself which has no equal, it set me free. Neil French is probably the world’s foremost teacher of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, having trained more people in the use of Hypnosis than any other person living or dead. Now that you are here looking through my website trying to find out if I can help you with your problem be it smoking,  overweight,  Anxiety, Stress, Fears, Phobias, worry, tension, Panic Attacks, Fear of Flying, Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, to name but a few, it really doesn’t matter how you got here, hopefully I can help make it easier for you to understand what hypnotherapy is all about  because it is a mind field with hypnotherapists trying to explain what they can do and how they can do it, to help you recover from your problem, in reality there are only two types of Hypnotherapy (1) Suggestion Hypnotherapy  (2) Analytical Hypnotherapy also known as Hypno-analysis, then ( hypnosis itself)  which is not a therapy, I will explain at a later stage on the website.

The Therapy

Analytical therapy

which is used to discover CAUSES of psychological problems, a therapy I have been using for over 3 decades, Hypno-Analysis can be summarised briefly as a doctrine of cause and effect”: every effect (the symptom) must have a cause. Hypno-Analysis reveals and removes the cause, and consequently relieves the symptom. Emotional problems respond particularly well to conscious Hypno-Analysis, such as, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fears, Phobias, Worry, Tension, Panic, Blushing, Insomnia, and many other problems of modern life. There is no reason why anyone should put up with something inside themselves but outside there own control, providing they are prepared to devote time, effort, and self-discipline to be free of their problem. 

Suggestion therapy

which is used for simpler problems (for Smoking, Slimming, Pre-Test / Exams Nerves, Relaxation, etc.) and requires only one session of therapy and could take anything from 15 minuets to an hour, depending on the therapist The vast majority of the renowned hypnotists being content with the use of hypnotic suggestion or NLP techniques. Before commencing hypnotherapy treatment, various important issues must have been addressed at prior consultation, any misconceptions or anxieties about hypnosis should be discussed and allayed; failing the three criteria’s desirable for successful therapy may be frustrated.

These criteria’s are that the client concerned, wants it to happen, allows it to happen, expects it to happen, The six stages of a successful hypnotherapy session are, Induction, trigger, deepener, ideo-motor response, and then the therapy, stop smoking, lose weight, relaxation, etc; termination, very simple. I remember a lady asked me one Friday evening when she was sitting in the lounge in the Canal Court hotel, having a cup of coffee could I help her stop smoking which I did, it took only 7 minutes using suggestion therapy. Hypnosis can be used to change or treat relatively minor things, one of the most, common health hazards to which we expose ourselves willingly, is smoking. I also provide stop-smoking therapy for groups which are available at a fraction of the cost at your place of work office, factory, etc.

Hypnosis explained

If I ask, have you ever been in hypnosis, most will say “no” when really I have never met anyone that has not been in hypnosis, every walk of life enters the hypnotic state, not once or twice in a lifetime, but five, ten, fifteen maybe twenty times a day, it’s like looking out through a window staring at the rain, someone talking to you, your not paying attention when they give you a nudge, you find yourself apologising, that you were in a world of your own, daydreaming, miles away. It’s exactly the same after a session of therapy, most people will say, I didn’t feel hypnotised, I never went under, the only feeling of hypnosis is, that of a state of mental and physical relaxation, that you just want to stay in that state a little while longer.

Most people think that hypnosis is the all important part of therapy that somehow they will be introduced into a hypnotic state and given suggestions that they are no longer going to have their problem.

The IAH Definition of hypnosis is A State of Relaxation and concentration at one with a heightened state of conscious awareness induced by suggestion.

The National College Definition of hypnosis is. Hypnosis is a condition of profound relaxation which you allow yourself to enter, during which time there is an altered state of conscious awareness.

Hypnosis is a perfect state of relaxation which you allow yourself to enter; always remember that hypnosis is an (aid) to help a person with their problem.

Analytical therapy

Is the single most effective form of therapy available in the world today for the resolution of anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, worry, tension, panic, blushing, insomnia, eating disorders and other psychological and emotional problems/symptoms

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